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AA Winter Warning

Dear Friends,

We hope you have been enjoying a lovely summer!  The renovations at Vajra Light Center are nearly complete. Our first class in Hartsdale will resume on Sunday, September 21st.  See below.

If you have a Living Social Coupon, it will be honored when presented for all classes at our Stamford branch, and our General Program classes in Hartsdale.  See you then!

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e Sunday Class

SUNDAYS  2:30 – 4:00


An Introduction to Buddhist Meditation and the Key to Happiness
with Donna Campanelli

Everyone wants to be happy, but if we check, so few people are. Of course, we experience happiness sometimes, but all too often we are anxious, frustrated, disappointed, wanting things to be different, and even depressed. Why is this? According to Buddha, it is because we are looking for happiness in the wrong place. We are looking for happiness in external things, in relationships, jobs, activities, possessions, status, etc. But finally happiness is a state of mind. Unless the mind is happy, none of these other things will make us happy. The key to happiness lies in cultivating peaceful, positive minds, and meditation gives us a simple, effective technique for doing so.

In this introductory talk, Donna will guide us as to where happiness is and teach us not only how to cultivate it, but how to maintain it throughout our daily life even when we are encountering difficulties. Happiness is not far away. It is right here in our hearts and it can be easily activated and cultivated. We just need to know how. Utilizing these timeless methods will revolutionize our life and enable us to have the happy, deeply satisfying, and meaningful life we all long for.

Pre-registration is not necessary. Everyone is welcome!

$12/Class   Free for Members

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f Wednesday Class

WEDNESDAYS   7:30 – 9:00 PM


Introduction to Buddhist Meditation

with Donna Campanelli

Everybody wants to change. We want to be less insecure, fearful, lazy, angry, depressed, etc. We want to be more confident, courageous, happy, creative and so forth. We wish for more success, more harmony in our relationships, and a more fulfilling life. But we actually find it difficult to change ourselves and to bring about the changes we long for in our life. Instead, we often feel ourselves to be stuck in unhealthy and unhappy habits.

In this talk, Donna will introduce the Buddhist approach to training the mind, helping us to understand what it is we need to change and give us the confidence and skill to bring the desired changes about. Applying these methods in our everyday life will lead to happiness and a sense of purpose and harmony in our relationships – we can begin to have the joyful and meaningful life we all long for.

Pre-registration is not necessary.  Everyone is welcome!

$12/Class   Free for Members

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g Awakening the Heart


10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

An Introductory Class to Buddhist Meditation

To Be Announced

Once a month, we hold this introductory class designed especially for those new to our Center.  In this class, you will be introduced to meditation and the Buddhist approach to training the mind.  Applying these methods in your everyday life will lead to happiness, a sense of purpose, and harmony in your relationships.  Tea and cake will be served after class.  Dress comfortably.

Pre-registration is not necessary.  Everyone is welcome!

$12/class   Free for members

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h Chanted Prayers

CHANTED PRAYERSJe Tsongkapa Thangka


To Be Announced.

Everyone is welcome!  All pujas are free of charge.  For more information about pujas please click here.

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i Stamford Branch


Fish Church “Lounge”
(First Presbyterian Church)
1101 Bedford Street
Stamford, CT

MONDAYS   7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

with Donna Campanelli

According to Buddha our suffering comes about due to the uncontrolled and painful states of mind know as the delusions. During this series, we will focus on Buddha’s illuminating teachings on these painful minds.  We will learn how to recognize them and learn practical methods to reduce the power of these delusions which will allow us to experience a deep and satisfying emotional freedom, and give us the skill and confidence to change and become the person we wish to be – positive, joyful, confident and loving.

Pre-registration is not necessary.  Everyone is welcome!
Come to one, or come to all!

September 15   How Attachment Sets Us Up For Suffering
September 22   Increasing Love And Enjoyment Through Reducing Attachment
September 29   Letting Go Of Anger
October 6         Transforming Conflict And Problems With a Calm Mind
October 13       NO CLASS
October 20       NO CLASS – International Festival
October 27       Overcoming Depression And Low Self-Esteem

$10/Class   Free for Members 

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j Fall Festival


Kadampa Meditation Center, Glen Spey, New York, USA

October 17 – 23


Empowerment of Buddha Manjushri and teachings based on
Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s remarkable new book How to Understand the Mind.

with Buddhist monk and international meditation teacher, Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab

Part I –  October 17 – 21   Meditation, teachings and empowerment 

Part II – October 22 – 23   Meditation retreat

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience modern Buddhism in action at an international level and enjoy an inspiring and meaningful spiritual holiday in a very special place. You will also meet and make some very special friends! If you have not been to an NKT-IKBU International Festival before, the Fall Festival is an ideal place to start. Click here for more information about what to expect at a festival.

Buddhism For The Modern World

For centuries, people have found in Kadampa Buddhism simple methods to solve their daily problems, experience a deep and lasting happiness and help others to do the same. These powerful methods are available to us today in the form of modern Kadampa Buddhism, which is a special presentation designed by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Through these practices we can discover a deep inner peace, overcome problems and difficulties with a happy mind and realize the full potential of our human life. At this spiritual festival, you will receive teachings and empowerment from Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab and enjoy daily meditation with people from all over the world who share a common wish to improve their human nature and qualities through developing the capacity of their mind.


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k Why Meditation

Why Meditation?

We all wish to be happy and avoid problems, yet with the pace and stresses of our daily lives, it can be difficult to maintain a peaceful state of mind for any sustained period of time.  Through the simple practice of meditation we all have the potential to achieve lasting inner peace and eliminate the stressful states of mind that we currently encounter.

Meditation can help you to:

  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Reduce frustration and anger
  • Increase happiness and inner peace
  • Develop a calm and peaceful mind
  • Overcome minds of anxiety and depression
  • Improve relationships with others
  • Increase inner wisdom
  • Improve quality of life
  • Let go of the causes of pain and dissatisfaction
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